Korean pianist Yeol Eum Son has released a stunning recording of works by Nikolai Kapustin on ONYX. Yeol Eum’s recording of Kapustin’s Piano Sonata No. 2 in E, Op. 54 was selected by Gramphone’s Editor in Chief James Jolly for the magazine’s Apple Music playlist, The Listening Room.

Yeol Eum says, “It is my utmost pleasure to introduce my new album Kapustin. Ever since I encountered his music, it has been my dream to record this repertoire. The music is one of a kind – so bold, dazzling, full and fun. Sadly, he is not with us anymore, but on the first anniversary of his passing, I hope music lovers will remember him and his music through this album.”

Onyx writes:

“There are many great contemporary composers of our time, but few write music that we can relate to so easily and closely as Nikolai Kapustin. His exquisite use of techniques and musical languages of classical and jazz ensures that his music appeals to a wide range of listeners. To those who love classical music but know little about jazz it does not sound too unfamiliar, and vice versa. Indeed, it gives great pleasure to even the most untrained ears of either genre of music. Yeol Eum Son has long been a champion of the composer, and became friends with him. This album is therefore a personal and affectionate tribute to this unique genius, and a wonderful introduction to his music.”

For more information, and to purchase or stream, please visit onyxclassics.com.


Kapustin: Eight Concert Études Op. 40
1. 1. Prelude. Allegro assai
2. 2. Reverie. Moderato
3. 3. Toccatina. Allegro
4. 4. Remembrance. Larghetto
5. 5. Raillary. Vivace
6. 6. Pastorale. Allegro moderato
7. 7. Intermezzo. Allegretto
8. 8. Final. Prestissimo

9. Kapustin: Variations Op. 41
10. Kapustin: Moon Rainbow, Op. 161
11. Kapustin: Sonatina Op. 100

Kapustin: Sonata No. 2, Op. 54
12. I. Allegro molto
13. II. Scherzo. Allegro assai
14. III. Largo
15. IV. Perpetuum mobile. Allegro vivace