“The most apt description is glorious. There is lyricism everywhere, as well as an elegant, poised simplicity.”

'Love Music' album review, dCS

This release pairs a luxuriant post-Romantic ethos with the clarity and intimacy provided by the violin and piano combination.”
Ian Orbell

'Love Music' album review, Classical Music Sentinel

Love Music

Track Listing
1 Tristan and Isolde. Love Music (After Wagner’s ‘Tristan Und Isolde’)
2 Mariettas Lied Zur Laute
3 The Maiden in the Bridal Chamber
4 Dogberry and Verges. March of the Watch
5 Scene in the Garden
6 Masquerade. Hornpipe
7 Liebesfreud. Allegro
8 Liebesleid. Tempo Di Ländler
9 Schön Rosmarin. Grazioso
10 I. Allegro, Ma Non Troppo
11 II. Improvisation. Andante Cantabile
12 III. Finale. Andante – Allegro
13 Träume